Jan 27, 2009


i feel like its been too soon since i was last here. really it has been though. its funny, i realized on this trip that california isnt meant for rob and i. i cant quite put my finger on it but it doesnt feel like home anymore, neither does hawaii... oigh what a frustrating place to be. yet, now i am finally learning to enjoy life no matter what.

i flew out for my grandma amy's funeral which was yesterday. she was such an amazing woman, constantly looking out for me in my darkest hours and reminding me that everyone is equal in every aspect. she is happier now and im glad i had a chance to know her.
amparo acevedo.
it was hard to see kolt cry. it was also hard to stay at the house during the wake because bob was so hammered. i finally had to take off and visit angi for a few. i didnt want to go home since i knew the wrath of a drunken step father awaited me. i called kim and went to target with her. after target i called david to hang... haha i was on a mission to avoid that house! i finally drove home to find bob crying and being so very sloppy. sad.

i woke up today and purchased six flags tickets for thursday (taking kolt and kyle). followed by a little trip to the house of nemo. we went to vicky g's in attempts to get my macbook into the genius bar. alas, attempt failed. but a fun hang sesh regardless. philly, neil and i downloaded the fart free app for our phones and had a fart party:

no shame.

what goofballs.

okay i think im gonna go hang with brian seghers for a bit.



Mr. Kim said...

hey. it's mr kim. hi

kali erin said...

mr. kim!!!! how are you buddy?!

Lauren Fisher said...

could have came and saw us!!!!!