Feb 11, 2009


infomercials cease to amaze me. you should totally get fit with flirty girl fitness, just sayin'.

-i picked up a purse full of meds from the pharmacy (for my rashy face, ew). i guess i cant go in the sun while im taking them? back to albino i go. shucks, i was totally working on my bro base tan too.
-i also probed a few places for a part time job to pay off my credit card. i quickly came to the realization that nobody is hiring right now. guess ill put all of my effort into the ebay store?
-i spent some time with the furry creatures we live with. booger is wise beyond doggy years.
-i took some photos of my latest blythe to join the fam, "cappuccino chat" aka nevella (my great aunts name).

i still need to:
-finish laundry, ugh.
-go to spin class. my friend heather is teaching today, yay!
-turn off MTV2 because every fucking music video sounds the same.

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