Feb 10, 2009


i found her in the yard one morning measuring in at a whopping four inches accross! i sealed her in a ziplock bag and told myself, "you should take a picture of that creature sometime in the near future." three months later this is what came out.
the photo really doesnt do the beauty of this insect justice. im a dummy and waited far too long to photograph this lovely lady. her wings dried in a downward angle thus preventing me to capture her completely. :::sigh:::

nothing very epic has happened since ive come home (california somehow just brings epicness into my life). although a few things have changed since my last post.

-val moved back to california. my only friend i could kinda connect to here is now gone. :'( i drove her to the airport at 4:45am on friday.

-since the beginning of january, ive been working out about five days a week in combination with not eating sweets and ive lost 10 pounds YAY! i really want to look like im supposed to look, you know, minus all of the jiggles and rolls? is that too much to ask?

-made some crucial life choices that i shall discuss further in the future.

-went to the dermatologist today to get something else for my dermatitis [since the strange foam i was perscribed aint workin no mo]. what an embarrassing problem. looks like acne, itches like hell and falls off in scales... IM A FRIGGEN CARNY! gross kali.

ummmmm, thats it.

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