Mar 20, 2009

becoming quite blasé about everything...

we just dropped melissa and jason off at the airport:
+ alone timeee!
- no more good vibes to be consumed with 24/7
- gained about 5 lbs while they were here... blaaast!
- i feel like i need to sleep for 2 days straight.
+ bamboozle left is THAT much closer!
+/- lifes realities are about to smack me in the face, hard.
+ brittany called and said she may have found a position for me at mac... that would be sweeeeet. $ = school, school = self worth & self worth = priceless.

p.s. i owe this blog a HUGE photo update soon.

1 comment:

With Love, Nicole said...

school is where I find my self worth, too! you should definitely go back, it is completely worth it, and YOU are worth it.