Mar 23, 2009

birth control = oh hell no

i have so much to rant about today, its ridiculous. ALSO - warning... TMI content so stop reading if youre a pussy.

A: ebay put a restriction on my personal account with 100 positive feedback and a squeaky clean record. what assholes! i am amazed that this has happened. i was in the middle of listing all of my valuable possessions to try and help out with bills. i am super bummed on the amount of debt were in, hence one of the reason i would like to go to school/get a "real" job and be able to contribute my part. EBAY EAT A DICK!

B: i havent even purchased my plane ticket to california yet. rob said he would buy it since its technically for "rockett" (working bamboozle) but he has so much on his plate money wise that i just need to [wo]man up and take responsibility for myself. i checked today and the prices have gone up about $100. i am going to check again on wednesday (since thats the best day to shop for flights) and hopefully they will have gone down by then.

C. we are now at that point in the year where quickbooks is supposed to be done in 20 days. we have had terrible luck with computers this year and in the process of computers crashing our most updated file of quickbooks was somehow ruined. it wont open anymore. this means i have to re enter ALL of last year, yeah ALL. not to mention robs computer just crashed and travis' old laptop (that im supposed to sell on eBay.. ugh) just returned from apple care and the hard drive failed! we are running on 1 of 3 computers at the moment... reeeedic.

--------------- if you dont want to read about the "TMI" content... i suggest you bail now----------------

D. i started using birth control (nuvaring) 4 days ago for the first time in almost 3 years. mainly i just wanted to make sure rob and i didnt have a baby because that would not be good. we dont have health insurance and i paid $240 for three months of birth control. youre thinking, "ridiculous!" i know. i just felt like it was the responsible choice, ha i wish.

yesterday i was peeing (sorry, seriously stop reading if youre grossed out by that) and i thought, "shit, this kinda burns... kinda like a uti!" okay i haven't had a urinary tract infection in something like 5 years, maybe longer? so i instantly combat it with some pure cranberry juice and good ol ACV. poof, burning pee no more, sayonara uti. i was happy... until this morning at 5:30am i suddenly awoke to terrible pain. i had to pee and it hurt, so bad! so i peed and yep, son of a bitch is back with full force. i was in so much pain i had tears streaming down my cheeks that i was trying my hardest to hold in.

i started researching and what do ya know?! nuvaring has caused uti's in TONS of people. i also thought about how my body has felt for the past few days; bloated and heavy. now lemme back track and mention that rob was VERY against me getting on "bc" because of all of these crazy side effects. i really shouldve listened. i am now out of $240 and stuck with 3 months of creepy, medicated, plastic rings youre supposed to shove up your vag... awesome. remind me again why i thought this was a good idea?


With Love, Nicole said...

That is horrible, I'm sorry! You should try Seasonale, it's the BEST! I've been on it for about 3 years and I swear by it. Plus they make a generic so it's pretty cheap. No creepy UTI side effects!

Julie said...

Hey Girlie.
Before I got prego I used the ring religiously. I never got UTI's but I would have an occasional yeast infection. It goes away. You body just needs to get use to the ring and you won't get "side effects" anymore. I dunno if you even want to deal with it now. The ring has been the BEST BC for me hands down.

The Bossoms said...

You poor thing! I read the TMI and my doctor tried to get me to try the wonderful little ring you stick up your vag. I did not like the idea of having something up there for a lengthy period of time so i declined the offer. My best-friend also tried it and she had really bad issues with it. Some of us girls are not made for birth control and it sucks. I have tried many pills and shots.


p.s. I am sure your kids would be amazingly cute and nothing like the above.

kali erin said...

basically ive decided that any bc is staying out of my body! its defeating the purpose of what your body is naturally supposed to accomplish while pumping all kinds of crazy hormones into you. call me crazy, but im gonna opt out on this one.