Apr 26, 2009

april 26th 2009.

on friday i was feelin a bit blue so i told myself to turn things around!!! so on saturday i got ahold of some friends and made some small plans - but those small plans made me feel so much better about myself. i also spent some quality time with prime people (I MISS YOU ANGI!!!).

i started the outing by getting ahold of my long lost friend jess youngsma - who has since had an adorable baby girl. of course i step foot in a perfectly decorated apartment, guh, JEALOUSSS. i am then greeted and sized up by the half pint herself, zoe. im pretty sure were friends now:

(totally hi-jacked from jess)

zoe via superheadz holga.

moms & babiesss! cuteness.

i then flew my thawed pizza and totally warm oj home (eep, forgot about those guys) and worked on some rockett stuff for a bit. then good ol' brian seghers hit me up for a bite of sushi with alan. scoreee! why is alan one of the nicest dudes ive ever met? anyway, brian bought a new jeep and we took a quick spin in it before he had to drop some kids off:
proud papa

i then hung with kim and maddie:
her one little tooth kills me... hahahaha.

my little brother wanted to get together for a minute. i havent spent much time with him since ive been home so i cruised over to his CREEPY pad and shot the shit for a few hours. hes ridiculous and four years younger than me:
ohhh kyle.

his house was also full of eagle statues, indian head statues/headdresses, ducks, canons and human ashes.
i left with the affirmation that i would have nightmares. bleghhh - heebee jeebee's much?

tomorrow i pick up bobby and we drive into the sunset - well not really.

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