Apr 23, 2009


at the moment i need to vent. i feel like my brain is about to explode from being so overwhelmed. i had my second application yesterday with mac cosmetics to work in the riverside store. all seemed to go very well aside from the fact that they changed models around on us right when we walked in. i knew a few of the trainers and the SRM so i think i made a good impression. i really feel this urge deep inside to pull my own weight. its such a difficult time and everyone is undergoing such transition. im trying to make responsible decisions and work my ass off. also, im pretty sure i just really upset one of my best friends by backing out on a trip to vegas. he and i will be in nyc together in a week and i felt like saving money for that was much more important. oh the woes of life. ive also been using my 35mm holga a bunch and i am so happy with this shot of me:


its the first photo ive liked of myself in so very long, which is a great feeling. i also fit in all of my pants again, which is another great feeling. rob comes back on monday at 5am and i cannot wait. thats all for now.

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Mama Sons said...

Kali you are beautiful!!