Apr 19, 2009

punk is definitely NOT dead.

i guess i owe this blog a bit of attention.

my head has so many thoughts to compose [and send to my fingertips to type] except its all coagulating in this messy mushpot. i kind of like it. it has been a bizarre few weeks. i feel like a nomad wondering the serpent-like california freeways each day. i kind of like that too. ive been living out of bags, cars, suitcases and friends houses. i REALLY like that.

the downside to all of this is that my existing home base is in the middle of nowhere, highland california. it is an enormous hive of track homes that are covered in so much stucco i feel like im gonna get a raspberry just glancing at them! ive always lived in old homes. creaky floors and dirty grout kinda sealed the deal in the creature comfort department for me. now im trying to get used to this clean stucco life and im not quite sure its punk enough. when i come home and the "anna's" have washed, dried and folded my once white/now purple underwear i cant help but cringe a little... it makes me want to lay some sort of obscenity around the room im staying in, for pure shock value of course. c'est la vie!

here are some photos from the past week or so:


papa dave post softball game. (i wish i had taken a photo with karissa!)


hung with ea dudes... jimmie made *brownies!

boner & lucy.
lucy & jeremy! (gah, i wish i wouldve centered this)

ason and i playing (df//holga).

and last but not least my GODSON ason. what a heart breaker.

until i get a scanner, thats all for now.

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rebecca said...

THAT PUG IS AMAZING. and i like it off-center!