Jun 10, 2009

im in heavy water...

your love is enormous
it's lifting me up
i'd rather be sleeping.

in the past two months ive learned so much about myself and the relationship rob and i share. life is quite spectacular if you sit back and enjoy it. it was bittersweet leaving hawaii, knowing it would be the last time i would see the island for some time. i was emotionally and physically drained by the end of the trip. i literally hopped on that plane feeling like nothing but an empty shell. sidenote: i am still waiting for some film to be developed and digital photos from neil, but i have a few more photos i can share:
volcano national park.
volcano national park.
volcano national park.

neil and i had talked concepts of shooting in hawaii. nothing really solidified - i mean we were living on island time. by nothing short of a miracle we took off at 4:30am on monday and shot some nonsense:
neil favila.