Jun 15, 2009

keep 'em comin!

when i checked out my flickr contacts for the day, lo and behold, what did my blue eyes see?? neil favila photo dumped all over the place and what a good dump indeed. some of these photos are so beautiful they bring tears to my eyes. i know thats cheezy as hell but i cant even express how lucky i am to have a friend as talented as neil. when photographers are willing to step out of their "comfort zone" and shoot something as overwhelmingly beautiful as hawaii with a look and feel that is 100% their own, that says a lot. if you havent already, you need to check out his flashy new site: www.nnnfff.net or his flickr which i raped and pillaged for these photos:

(check the bruised and battered stems from moving)

(note to self: no more day drinking)

i promise i will only post one more set of photos from this trip. 100% film all from cameras that were $10 or less, haha. i really miss rob more than anything and life is so difficult to live without seeing his sweet face every morning. IM SOOOO LONELY, ugh.


N | F said...

so stoked you're into them.
thanks for the nice lil bio.

valerie renée said...

those pictures are beautiful. i really hope to visit there one day. i think i need to.