Jun 23, 2009


so i generally try to avoid negative blogs at all costs... but this particular incident deserves recognition in my memory bank (aka blog, fyi i have a terrible memory everyone).

i celebrated fathers day with the fams, i have three, so its typically a fairly busy day. i had made plans of time traveling to palm springs for theron's graduation party that evening. i needed to go home, get ready and be down the mountain by 6. this may sound easy to some, but 15-20 minute drives add up when you're doing multiple things in one day. anyway, to make a long story short i pulled into the front of my house (which ive worked SO hard to get into) and there is a huge note taped to the door. i knew off of the bat that this wasn't a good thing. my mind raced with the possibilities of what it could say... but when i did read it the actual content of the note was something that DEFINITELY did not cross my mind.


wait what?

"this is a notice that this property will be sold on 7/2/09 at a public auction due to defaulting of said properties mortgage for 90+ days"

yes, this is correct. my home, the one i worked my ass off to rent, move our entire life into and make our own has all become a lost cause. another victim of the current housing crisis, EARTH TO PEOPLE - DONT GET INTO SOMETHING YOU CANNOT AFFORD!!! the owners of this house rented it to me, knowing they were negligent on their payments. better yet, they were already in default, MAJOR crime.

alas, i spent 20 minutes getting ready for this party, on the brink of a meltdown. for the second time in my entire life i experienced a migraine. i didnt medicate myself with anything (aside from a few swigs of k1). i just sat there in complete disbelief while sierra drove into the desert. ho-hum.


ihaveanewname said...

was the renter nice?

kali erin said...

she sure was!

juliana said...

Holy moly, I am so sorry!!!!!

kali erin said...

thanks jewels... its a really sticky situation. blegh.