Jun 19, 2009

favorite dress.

i had the day off today, life has been busy! i dont really know right from left at the moment, im just goin with it! mac has been a great experience so far. i really love doing something that i have so much interest in.

on a side note: i thought i should really start documenting outfits i put an effort into so i can recycle ideas when im feeling lazy. today i wore a denim dress & thrifted boots. i havent had the opportunity to wear this dress yet and ive been hanging on to it for a few months. today when i talked to kim she informed me that it was "HOT AS HELL!" outside of the woods - so i threw it on and snapped these in my front yard.

denim dress.

denim dress.

i love the oversized cargo pockets and giant keyhole back. also, i am now sure of the fact that my neighbors think i am nuts.

today/tonights activities consisted of:
-car wash/vacuum (its total therapy sitting in that self wash cave)
-sundance ranch to see my pops and his new horse
-tokyo sushi with kim
-empire bowl
-hustler strip club, wait, what?!

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ihaveanewname said...

remember to tell mac customers "less is more"