Jul 17, 2009


when you truly love your job it feels so much more rewarding than i would have ever imagined. being a makeup artist has always been something i wanted to give my all to and now is my time to shine. not only do i get to work for an awesome company that pays well while inspiring their employees to reach new levels of creativity, but i also have amazing co workers that are so talented. i took my camera to work to document a few of my mentors:

this is my jenny from the block.

and this is ari - she may be the most beautiful girl ive ever seen.

and incase you care - go buy 'most popular' from the new colour craft launch. its the color i have on in these photos and its super amazing and only released in random limited quantities.


lil nathalie said...

Yay!!! im so glad to hear that you are having fun!! i cant wait to hopefully experince that again once i get back from lebanon!!
p.s you look beautiful as always !

feedingthefire said...

that's awesome! Im glad you are having fun. Ill see you around, I shop at victoria gardens alot.