Jul 9, 2009


all of my online sites have now been consolidated to force me into a web design dungeon. this is a very important mark for me as i REALLY need to get myself in gear and build a site directed to my passion and current profession in life: makeup artistry. its an idea ive been tossing around for a bit but the finalized idea is a collective of creative individuals for hire. stay tuned for more details.

i had update in orange county which meant i had to stop by and stay with brittany. i tried to finagle an ash hang sesh also. unfortunately that didnt happen, bummer. the next morning, which was yesterday, we woke up and got ready to head to the city of angels. traffic ended up delaying us by 2 hours and eventually we all managed to meet up at the grove.
los angeles.

joseph and alicia came to hang around and shop for a bit with us. we went to a mid century furniture store called skank world - which happens to be my new favorite place. the owners are so unique its almost intimidating, new friends were made none the less.
los angeles.

we then said our goodbyes and headed home for the evening.

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