Jan 24, 2009

a little snippet of my day.

today had to have been to worst encounter of OCD (im presuming this diagnosis, FYI) ever. so im sitting next to this dude:
OCD man.
every few minutes he would take a dirty toothbrush out of his messenger bag and scrub his teeth. now i use the word scrub because there was no toothpaste involved and when i say dirty, im talking looks like the guy scrubbed butt with it beforehand. when he finished brushing he would wipe it on his shirt and tuck it safely back into his bag. bizarre/disgusting/normal... call it what you will i was nauseated by this and had to sit through it for 6 hours. he also snored louder than anyone ive ever heard snore... the sound drowned my ipod out. snoring should be deleted from existence. last but not least hacked and hacked with no hand over his mouth. goodness gracious, where are peoples manners these days?

among other things, today was a really rough day. this is how i feel right about now:

[im apologizing in advance for the terrible photo quality accompanying this post.]

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