Jan 22, 2009

being a lady really sucks.

so today was "that time of the month" or whatever you wanna call it. generally i feel sick, suck it up and power on through the day. today, however, had another plan for me. i have a ton of errands to run before saturday so i had planned to head out to: the natural food store for a drink, ross, the post office and wal-mart. a solid 2 hour errand sesh right there.

the natural food store was fine. i felt a little crappy but i was buying a drink to go with medicine to cure that. pill popped and i was on my way to ross when it started getting worse. i figured i could power through ross and then head home if i felt really terrible. i hopped in line behind 5 people... ughhh... ive got the shakes and cold sweats. not just your average cold sweat. i felt my face sinking into itself and all of a sudden ross was black. i blacked out! now i know ive gotta get out before something terrible happens. so i jump out of line, park my full cart by the register assuring the cashier id "be right back" ha, right.

im sitting in my car, in the ross parking lot. what do i do? do i drive home and risk blacking out again or crashing? i called my other half to explain the dilemma. he told me i should at least try, but by this time my entire body was dripping cold salty sweat. im not exaggerating when i say this... my hairline was damp and i looked like rob when he eats spicy thai. what to do?!

i started driving down the highway when things started spinning again. i pulled to the side, reclined my chair and started to panic. ive never had side effects so severe in my life. what in the hell sparked it? all i could think about is how this was the most terrible pain of my life and that i never want to have children because i know that pain is even more intense. i had 5 minutes to go until i was home so i just had to suck it up. i think i was concentrating so hard that the sweat dripping off of my cheeks, nose and brows wasnt even crossing my mind. of course there was traffic at the light where i needed to turn. 5 minutes turned into 8 and i almost started crying. i dont think the van in front of me knew i was pleading for him to plow into the people ahead just so i could pass.

desperacy receded as i pulled into the driveway. sheer bliss, well kinda. dripping cold beads i ran inside, past travis, past rob straight to the bathroom. i sat there for a minute contemplating, "am i going to throw up or just feel like shit all day?" oh but there it went. my $5 kombucha down the drain along with this mornings granola. what a waste of money and a bad taste in my mouth.

i hate being a woman. moral of the story: get a hysterectomy & adopt babies.


The Bossoms said...

I wish I could say I do not know what this feels like but I do. I was at a show and had to take a cab home... we lived walking distance.

Glad you are feeling better.


Erik said...

i knew you went to get kombucha at the beginning! ginger?

kali erin said...

nope, mango! but the ginger is delicious.