Jan 20, 2009


okay today just outright SUCKS.

a. my grandma amy died. she is my step dads mom who was what you could call "good people"

b. travis got all rude with me because he thought i was lurking the photos on his old computer (the one im using since mine died). how presumptuous of him! i think maybe iphoto opened when i charged my iphone on it or something? still, i have no desire to snoop around on his computer. even when i said, "what? no." he said, "mmhmm, whatever kali." really travis?


c.read below:

how to waste $650 in one month:

miss a flight home because you were too wasted to wake up


not pay a metrolink fine (because you rode the metro without purchasing a ticket) causing california to issue a warrant for your arrest unless you pay


seriously rob? i just wanna cry. i hate it when things like this happen that cause me to question everything.

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Mama Sons said...

Kali.. It's just a bump in the road. Ride it out! This happeneds to everyone on a daily basis and makes us all feel the same way.
I hope your day gets better. =)