Jan 18, 2009


okay so the waves are ridiculous here! winter = closed beaches. sadddd... our neighbor paco said people have broken their necks at our local beaches... scaryyy!!! not so good for me since i just borrowed a friends board to learn how to surf. guess it will collect some dust for a week or so.

okay lets sum up the past few days... farmers market, cleaning, laundry, recouping basically. since we have travis for 10 more days now we had to gather a new game plan. i believe we are going to polulu lookout tomorrow for a hike! =) yay. oh yeah, kujo got in a fight with a neighborhood dog. the owner didnt have the dog on a leash so they couldnt be separated. her bad! rob pulled kujo off of the dog and she had a mouth full of fur, oh dear.

today we went to an organic coffee farm up in the hills. it was the one on dirty jobs, incase anyone has seen it? it was semi entertaining. we came back and the boys napped while i finished season 2 of big love (gahhh, season 3 premiers tomorrow. so excited!) our plan was to go to a beach but travis wouldnt wake up. rob and i decided to fly kites together, look in tide pools and make homemade pizza! yum. anyway, i shot some photos today, enjoy:

us on the way to the beach, nevermind my crazy ass hair. i seriously forgot about my natural curl until i dyed my hair back to its natural color. wow.

stinky stew! this boy served 3 months in doggie jail. can you believe it?!

and here's toad. the latest addition to the blythe family. she was an exclusive with top shop so how could i pass her up? plus she has the best stock eyechips everrrrr.

ni nighttt friends.


Julie said...

Crazy about the waves and closed beaches! What an amazing place to live!
I saw the Dirty job episode with the coffee plantation.

Angi said...

I love baby stew!