Jan 15, 2009


the past two days all of us have been ridiculously lazy. aside from preparing food for the dudes, as always, we havent done anything but work at home and take the usual afternoon beach trip to catch some waves. yesterday was particularly special because i went to the salvation army. what did i find? oh just a sweet boogie board for $10!!! what a steal! we broke her in yesterday at hapuna. i took some photos of us sun bathing before our umbrella flew away.


while we were laying on the sand i guess rob felt compelled to steam roll the whole beach. people were so confused and it was awesome.

okay, must clean. bye.


Angi said...

is Travis wearing a beanie at the beach?

kali erin said...

yes, yes he is. hahaha.

lisa said...

that video was the best lol of my day