Jan 19, 2009

"its so weird looking at my beard in the trash"

i think i should always begin my blogs with quotes from rob. the things that come out of that boys mouth, i swear. yes he shaved his face... you shall see soon enough.

today we took the long trek to volcano national park. whew. travis and rob were drinking beers while i drove... soon enough they turned into trevor and bob (their annoying alter egos that could potentially drive me insane). back to the volcanoes... so there were these epic steam vents that you could walk into and basically get a sauna effect, which was awesome since i was 50 degrees there! we all ended up looking like ragamuffins because we piled on all kinds of crazy layers.
im being devoured by the mist!

rob wouldnt stop smoking!

we saw thurstons lava tube again!

and while we were at the magma flow i snuck off to take photos of bea arthur:

okay off to bed... nighty night.

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