Jan 10, 2009

crystal growing kit.

today was odd... but this sort of comfortable/nostalgic odd. i woke up to these huge flies doin the nasty.

the dogs seem to be meshing back together well. 1pm everyday = vitamin d time for them. its so good to watch them sun bathe.

for some reason rob wanted to cliff dive at this place he remembered... off we went!
i didnt jump because water socks were necessary and we didnt have any. rob borrowed some from a fellow diver and i promised myself id jump tomorrow after yard sale'ing.

the city of refuge was the next destination. we snorkeled for SOOOO long. i think we saw roughly 10 sea turtles? i swam without flippers and whew, what a work out!

i bought this "smithsonian crystal growing kit" at the thrift store. im really excited about this since i love crystals. i will have to keep you all posted on their progress when i start. the night ended with a girls dinner at jackie rey's, which included a delish hummus salad. i jetted home and made the dudes some vegan taco salads and now were watching hamlet 2, oh joy :-/ in essence today really just felt like beach days back with my mom. crunchy, salty, air dried hair blowing in the wind from the open car window. the feeling you get once you get home from the beach... shower on the mind. it all felt so comforting. ahhhh sleep will be well deserved tonight, dont you love that?


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