Jan 11, 2009

"i cant wait until my 40's"

that was rob's last sentence. wow. i really did marry the dude.

today consisted of:

-waking up to an overcast day (hooray! my fave!)
-the overcast quickly turned into a monsoon... a serious monsoon. every window had water pouring through it! we had to cover the windows with towels so our house didnt flood.
-the monsoon was over in about 30 minutes leaving behind pure blue skies!
-i took ebay photos and started listing items.
-slosh-ball was scheduled to begin at 2:30 so we headed off to the game.
-we were on separate teams and we both played soooo well! i was so nervous at first but the first ball i kicked scored two bases!
-met some great people! finally!
-after the game we went to the keiki ponds... which were basically deep tide pools that kids swim in. it was so beautiful.
-as if the day couldnt have been better... i saw the green flash! THE GREEN FLASH! are you friggen kidding me?! it was my first time and it was oh so beautiful. (it had to have been the mixture of the monsoon/wind/rain making the sky so clear)

welp, ive gotta finish up with this ebay so i can pay my damn credit card bill... see you turds later.


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