Feb 6, 2009


im so freaking sweaty, its gross. i just got home from the gym and my hair at one point was dry while its completely wet now... ew. i ran for 30 minutes, did 120 crunches and while i was walking out the door i bumped into my landlord who then convinced me to take the pilates class. not to mention i did RPM (hawaiis version of spin) last night. i better look like a million bucks in a few months.

so ever since ive left california ive been doing some hard core reminiscing of good times. i really miss that smoggy ass state. im not sure what it is. rob and i had a serious "whats gonna happen with our lives" talk yesterday. some good and bad things arose from this... not quite sure whats gonna go down yet. guess time will tell, right?

ill leave you with a few photos:

(sushi @ miyagis with dave, brian and allan)

dave drove me all the way to lax during rush hour, what a nice guy =). we were also accompanied by brandon and dam...
bye bye california.

bye bye california.

and ill save the best for last [well, second to last]... check brandons creepy ass in the background.
bye bye california.

oh california. it was so sad to leave you...

(thats my version of a tear... somehow i made myself look like i have a googly eye)

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